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Born following an old traditional recipe, gourmet vodka score is produced using the purest water taken from 375 meters deep artesian well. Distilled from the finest premium winter grain, processed through gold and silver threads that infuse ions that completely remove fusel oils. Organic grain exhibits a smooth sweetness on the palate. Produced in small batches in an old-fashioned pot-still, it is filtered seven times, including our final unique milk-based filtration for improved purity and

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Spirits of the Tsars

Power, wealth, luxury… Such was the life of the Russian Tsars. As it was then, it is now for today’s elite! Six hundred years of vodka production resulted with one recipe so rich, smooth, and complex it could only belong to the Tsars. Nearly lost to the ages, this rare and unobtainable elixir has been rediscovered ti resurrect the Spirits of the Tsars. Its mythical quality has its origin in the hand-picked fruit leaves in

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