Privacy Policy

We try to keep your information as private as possible at VodkaBuzz, but there are some things you should be aware of:

Registration Information

When you register for an account at VodkaBuzz, we collect an e-mail address and password. We will not sell your e-mail address to anyone. Furthermore, VodkaBuzz will only use your e-mail address to contact you if we think the information we need to send is really important or really cool. We have employed measures (e.g. password reset) that will e-mail you if you use these services.

Public Profile

With each user account, we have made a public profile available to you. Any information you put in your profile can be seen by anyone. By default, the only information obtained by VodkaBuzz that appears on your profile is your Gravatar (if you have one) and the part of your e-mail address before the “@” (used as your name on the site). Use it at your own risk.

Public Reviews and Comments

Reviews and comments posted to VodkaBuzz are public. Anyone can read them. They are associated with your e-mail address and name, making them potentially traceable to you. So, don’t post anything unless you’re okay with that.


VodkaBuzz may use cookies (session cookies and long-term cookies) to help provide better service to you. Some parts of the site require these technologies to function. If you don’t create an account and don’t login, no private information will be stored in a cookie.


VodkaBuzz may employ third party ads. We have no control over what these ads collect and how they use it. They do not have access to VodkaBuzz cookies.