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Gunnar’s Potato Vodka

What’s your vodka made from? Don’t settle for a mix of inexpensive grains that most vodka is made from. The American Farm series is your source for the finest American grown single ingredient vodka. Expand your palate, try both are Corn and Potato Editions. Gunnar’s 100% potato vodka is made from a select standard of potato, the Idaho Russet, and is grown in the USA to produce an ultra premium, remarkably smooth and subtle vodka.


Most vodkas are made from the fermented mash of grain, whereas Luksusowa vodka, meaning luxurious and pronounced LOOK-SOO-SO-VAH, is distilled from potatoes. The result is a perfectly smooth vodka. Since its creation in 1928 in Poland, Luksusowa has maintained the highest production standards (its name literally meaning the highest quality spirit). 28 international gold medals crown its quality. Its perfect balance and smoothness makes Luksusowa ideal for cocktails, such as a Classic Martini. Luksusowa –

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Blue Ice

This exceptional American vodka it is a blend of pure mountain spring water and Idaho Russet Potatoes. These natural elements in combination with a special distillation process and five stage filtration system produce a vodka with subtle taste and smoothness which cannot be matched by grain base vodkas. Blue Ice Vodka is a family-owned, handcrafted, spirit designed to please the vodka connoisseur.

Glacier Potato Vodka

Distilled on a four column continuous still from renowned Idaho Potatos, and Crystal Pure well water from the Rocky Mountains.


Attributable to the original tradition of being distilled from potatoes, Monopolowa is a vodka of infinite distinction produced in Vienna at the foot of the majestic Austrian Alps in the heart of the old world. A winner of prestigious awards, Monopolowa is indeed the vodka of choice for the aficionado.


Vikingfjord vodka comes from Norway, where quality and excellence are a way of life. Following a time honoured, authentic vodka recipe, this carefully six column distilled vodka is made from potatoes. Every drop is then expertly blended with 100% smooth, crystal clear water from the pristine Jostedal glacier of Arctic Norway.


Frederic Chopin transformed the subtleties of the Polish spirit into enchanting, emotional music. That same passion is found in Chopin Vodka. Handcrafted in Poland with methods passed down from the fifteenth century, made exclusively with potatoes grown in the Podlasie region of Poland and distilled four times. The result is an exceptionally well-rounded vodka with a smooth, clean finish. Chopin is the spirit of Poland.