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Cathead Honeysuckle

We make our Honeysuckle Flavored Vodka by hand in small batches. Our process is simple, just like our memories of pulling honeysuckle off the vine. We are proud of our fine Heritage. We support Live Music, Genuine Arts and the preservation of our deep souther roots. Enjoy our beverage responsible while entertaining the real aspects of life.

Ivanabitch Menthol Tobacco

How could Dmitri possibly outdo his most creative vodka ever? Simple. Make it cooler. Only, few people know his brother, Dickie actually created the concoction by secretly pouring his peppermint schnapps into Dmitri’s Tobacco Vodka cocktail as a joke. Dmitri was outraged when he discovered the polluted cocktail until his girlfriend commented on his brilliance in topping his most recent flavor. Ultimately, Dmitri refined the vodka by adding menthol flavoring and took credit for the

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Ivanabitch Tobacco

One day as Dmitri Ivanabitch was drinking and enjoying a good cigar with his brother Dickie, he got one of those “aha!” moments: he would be the first man to walk on the moon! After his brother informed him that somebody had already done that, Dmitri, noticing how the smoke from his cigar seemed to mingle perfectly with the taste of his premium vodka, moved on to his next, and so much cooler idea: creating

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