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Gilbey's is a 40% ABV vodka from the United States. The vodka is produced by W & A Gilbey, LTD. The quality is considered to be terrible. The average price is around $7.99 per 750mL. Rated 0 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

The bottle states the following:

Gilbey’s Vodka, 100% Grain Neutral Spirits

Gilbey’s Vodka Review

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Gilbey’s is another bottom shelf vodka that I’m trying out of obligation. There’s nothing notable about it from the surface. Let’s see what’s under the cap.

The Shot

Glibey’s is offensive. The taste is unsettling but not distinctively bitter at first. It doesn’t take long for the bitter flavors to come through. The flavor seems to permeate the nasal cavity, even. It doesn’t get better, as the swallow burns and the aftertaste is purely bitter. This is not a shooter.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Gilbey’s a little less than one part vodka with two parts Passion Fruit juice. The bitters shine through the sweet juice. It’s impossible to ignore the vodka, and it ruins the drink. This isn’t a vodka worth mixing when there are better vodkas like Taaka, which doesn’t say much.


Daniel and Mel did a shot with me. The overwhelming opinion was bad. Daniel and Mel both made a horrible face and commented on the bitter flavor.

If you’re stuck looking around your ankles, there are simply too many better bottom shelf vodkas to be had. If you can shell out a little bit more, there are far better lower-end vodkas to be had. I wouldn’t torture myself with Gilbey’s.

Rated 0 out of 5.

Robert Brodrecht

  • Gilbey’s Vodka Review By DrinkUp

    1 *****

    The worst vodka I’ve ever tasted, and I’ve tried other bottom shelf vodkas. It made me gag every time I took a sip. I even mixed it with cranberry juice and the taste just wouldn’t go away. Although after one cup I was feeling pretty woozy.



  • Gilbey’s Vodka Review By Ryan

    No Rating

    Horrible vodka. Between the bad taste and the awful hangover it’s definitely a bottle I will never buy again.



  • Gilbey’s Vodka Review By Zpiff

    No Rating

    OK. Not great, but not as bad as Gordon’s. Way better than some of the other cheapies, and packs a bit more punch.



  • Gilbey’s Vodka Review By Evan

    No Rating

    Drinking gilbeys will turn u into a satanic vodka monster. It should be avoided at all costs



  • Gilbey’s Vodka Review By AZWolverine

    No Rating

    Clean & medicinal on the nose. Virtually no taste, with a slight sweetness in the finish. Overall too medicinal/ethanol for me, but it should be fine mixed.



  • Gilbey’s Vodka Review By Mark

    4 *****

    I’m no stranger to vodka, both premium and budget. If I was to recommend a cheap brand to anyone, it would be Gilbey’s (if they are unable to afford Svedka). While some of you say it’s harsh, I say you haven’t had enough cheap shit; this is the smoothest, cleanest vodka I’ve found it its price range, and that warrants a solid 4.



  • Gilbey’s Vodka Review By Andrei

    1 *****

    Quite recently, a friend of mine was planning on making a stop at our local liquor store and asked me if I wanted to get some vodka with him. I told him I wasn’t feeling up to going outside, but to give me something I’ve never tried before, something that usually leads to some pleasant surprises. He agreed and about half an hour later, he brought back a bottle of Gilbey’s. For its price, it didn’t seem so bad, but once I opened the cap, I started having second thoughts; upon my first shot, I immediately dreaded finishing the bottle.

    This is, without any doubt at all, the most absolutely abysmal vodka I’ve ever tasted. It smells like rubbing alcohol and the taste isn’t that far off. Out of desperation and not wanting to waste the vodka, I tried mixing it with various things – soda, strawberry tea, even milk and powdered sugar (I was fairly intoxicated and it sounded like a good idea at the time), and every time, the vodka overpowered the taste of whatever I put it in, save the fruit punch if you mixed it right. For that, it gets one star.

    To summarize, if you’re on a budget and don’t mind a drink that leaves horrible fumes running up the back of your throat when you drink it straight and a terrible hangover the next day, this vodka is for you.



  • Gilbey’s Vodka Review By Rick

    No Rating

    Worst vodka I have ever had the misfortune to imbibe. Sharp, residual, bitter whichever way you have it. Funnily enough it packs some punch.



  • Gilbey’s Vodka Review By rob

    No Rating

    Gilbey’s, probably the most smoothest vodka I have ever tasted with the added benefit of no headache or hangover, I recommenrd it you all try it for yourselves and dont listen to comments bias comments here.



    • Gilbey’s Vodka Review By Robert

      I’d say opinionated more than biased. Other opinions are very welcome.


  • Gilbey’s Vodka Review By Mike

    No Rating

    Literally the worst vodka I have ever had in my life. Bakon vodka was much better than this, and I hate flavored vodkas. Never buy this. It’s cheap but not worth it. This tastes almost like gasoline which I have accidentally tasted



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