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KRU82 is a 40% ABV vodka from the Netherlands. The vodka is produced by Kru Spirits. The quality is considered to be amazing. The average price is around $484.10 per 750mL. Rated 5 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

KRU82 Vodka Review

5 StarStarStarStarStar

You might have seen Kru. It’s the vodka in the metal sports bottle. It has a caribeaner on it. If that doesn’t ring a bell, you haven’t seen Kru. Or, at least, you didn’t know you were looking at a vodka. We’ve seen a gimmick bottle and we didn’t like the taste. Is Kru all gimmick?

The Shot

Kru is very easy to drink. It’s flavorless the entire time it’s in my mouth and only has a slight bittery burn as I swallow. It’s almost too mild to mention. I don’t even need a chaser.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Kru with orange juice for a classic screw driver. As you might expect, it mixes quite well. There aren’t any bitter flavors and the orange juice doesn’t taste weird like most screw drivers. Kru makes for a great cocktail.


Vodka from Holland can be hit or miss. Kru is definitely a hit. If you get a chance, try it out. You’ll even get a cool bottle!

Rated 5 out of 5.

Robert Brodrecht

  • KRU82 Vodka Review By BubbaT

    3 *****

    Really surprised this garnered a 5 star. I had some just last night and I don’t know if the beer had anything to do with it but my hangover this morning wasn’t fun. I’ve shot it against Luksusowa and found it harsh. Maybe a good mixer but not a good shooter.



    • KRU82 Vodka Review By taffyg2003

      I have seen KRU82 on the shelf of my local liquor store for quite some time, but haven’t had enough drive to buy it when I have perfectly fine inexpensive options like Luksusowa and Sobieski at home already. Maybe I will pick up a bottle eventually so I can compare it myself.


    • KRU82 Vodka Review By Man-o-Vertigo

      I was told by many a bartender that a good way to wake up with one banger of a headache is to drink beer ALONG with spirits such as vodka.


  • KRU82 Vodka Review By taffyg2003

    No Rating

    One factor does intrigue me about KRU82; it is packaged in a metal canister. If, and I do not know if this is the case yet, the canister is made of the same metal as vodka shakers, it might help this vodka to be smoother than it otherwise would be. From my martini mixing experience over the last few years, it seems that vodka martinis tend to taste smoother when prepared in a metal shaker rather than a plastic design. It might be that there is something about the metallic environment that aids in the smoothness of the cocktail. If this is the case, the metallic packaging may also enhance the drink’s smoothness compared to glass bottles, and might give KRU82 an edge in this regard over the competition. Since I am still well stocked with other vodkas at the moment, I will wait a while before I give this intriguing vodka a try.



  • KRU82 Vodka Review By paul AMH

    2 *****

    we bought this vodka for three reasons, we were intrigued, it was cheap, and we wanted the bottle (came with a second small SS bottle filled with vodka). we did a blind three way taste test. identical glass, identical ice (as identical as can be) all side by side. the other glasses had Tito’s and Starlite (another local vodka). we ranked them 1-3 blindly (not knowing which was which). we both chose the Tito’s as the favorite, the Starlite was pretty good, but the Kru… tasted like turpentine (had an acidic oily aftertaste).

    posted some pics from the tasting to the blog that is normally not vodka based. although tito’s is mentioned more than necessary.

    paul AMH


  • KRU82 Vodka Review By Poot

    No Rating

    Hi friends. Always love your site. First entry.

    Several months ago I bought the 750 stainless bottle with “Holland” on label. One of the best vodkas I have ever had.

    Today found it on deep discount. Bought but saw when I got home it was “France”. Lots of vanilla tones, strong finish.

    Are they different and is this why my France was so deeply discounted? Thanks!



  • KRU82 Vodka Review By robert

    4 *****

    This surprised me, I truly expected a 13$ water bottle… I agree with a previous poster that possibly the container contributed. This is $13 vodka; I would buy it again.



  • KRU82 Vodka Review By taffyg2003

    5 *****

    I finally decided to give KRU 82 a try when I noticed a bottle on the liquor store shelf recently. What had caught my attention was the change in the packaging from a metal canister to a clear glass bottle. I also noticed that the bottle indicated that the vodka was distilled in France rather than in The Netherlands as for the canister version.

    Anyway, the vodka martini that it made was very smooth and neutral. Although it is an 82 proof vodka instead of the typical 80 proof, the alcohol was well tamed from the initial sip through the final swallow. The flavor was very mild and left virtually no aftertaste. Though there was a slight burn on the swallow, it was milder than most other vodkas that I’ve tried. All in all, it was very enjoyable and would highly recommend KRU 82.



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