American Harvest Vodka Official Review

I had seen American Harvest on the shelves of my local ABC store, then saw a random article calling American Harvest the better version of Grey Goose made in America. I figured I should investigate.

The Shot

At room temperature, American Harvest is pleasant. Like they advertise on the bottle, the vodka is silky on the tongue with a sweet flavor that is easy to call clean. On the swallow, there’s no burn. After a few sips of this vodka to acclimate, I’ve forgone a chaser. American Harvest, it turns out, is one of the rare sipping vodkas I’ve found. If you like your vodka straight, you need to try American Harvest.

The Mixed Drink

At least one person thinks American Harvest is the Grey Goose of America in that it embodies the same (supposed) elegance, but bests Goose on taste. People that agree with that sentiment will probably be livid with the next part of this review. VodkaBuzz has never been about frou frou cocktails and I think martinis are better left to those that enjoy them. I’m sure it won’t be long before some of our contributors post their own martini reviews. As I said previously, I’ve recently become a big fan of sweet tea and vodka as a cocktail.

So, I mixed American Harvest with sweet tea and a good squirt of lemon juice. The vodka mixed fairly well. Where other vodkas that I do like, e.g. [Sobieski](/vodkas/sobieski/), stand out too much, American Harvest assimilates. I can still detect the vodka in the mix, but it’s easy to ignore.


American Harvest is a great vodka to drink straight or mixed. I’d pick this vodka over Grey Goose any time.

Robert Brodrecht

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