360 Official Review

I noticed 360 vodka for the same reason I wrote it off: 360 is the “eco-friendly” vodka. Every bottle has an envelope folded up and attached with twine. It stands out because of the swing top cap, which goes in the postage-paid envelope to be sent back to the factory. 360 reuses the tops and sends a donation to an “eco-friendly organization.”

I’ve had organic / eco vodka. They are usually decent vodkas, but the eco side hardly makes a difference. I usually write it off as hype. 360, however, has gone above and beyond for the environmental cause. Even the gift set, which would normally be adorned with fancy glasses or mixers, comes with a compact florescent bulb.

I eventually got over my reluctance and decided to pick up a bottle. I was floored, and have been ever since.

The Shot

The shot is smooth. Man, oh, man, it’s smooth. The taste is sweet and barely there. This is the closest to a true ethanol / water mixture I’ve tasted. It goes down with no burn and no bitter aftertaste.

The Mixed Drink

White grape pomegranate again. 360 vodka is like candy mixed. There is only a slight hint of the flavor. Everything else tastes quite natural.


Erin got in on this one. She said she could still taste the vodka but she could “drink” it (rather than sip it). Daniel did a few shots with me, too. He’s not here to give me his direct opinion. However, he talked a lot about how he could taste the vodka in the shot but it didn’t taste bad.

It’s no secret that 360 is my favorite vodka. I’ve tried a lot of vodkas, and nothing compares. I don’t know if their eco-hype is for real, though I hope it is. I do know: If you want an ultra-premium vodka made in the United States, this is the one to get.

Robert Brodrecht

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