42 BELOW Official Review

42 Below is a vodka made by some fun-loving (if their site is to be believed) Kiwi’s down at -48 latitude in New Zealand.

The Shot

The shot is clean in the mouth. There are no noticeable flavors. The shot goes down smooth with a mild burn left on the tongue that slowly reveals itself over a period of several seconds. I haven’t even contemplated a chaser. This is a great straight vodka.

The Mixed Drink

The clear taste of the shot is echoed in the White Grape Pomegranate mixed drink. At a moderate mix, the cocktail is easily drinkable, and even chugable if you’re in a hurry. Even at a higher 50/50 mix, the drink is acceptable, though the contrasting ingredients come off a little bitter. Like straight, 42 Below is a great mixing vodka.


Erin also had the White Grape Pom with 42 Below. She said she could still taste the vodka but it doesn’t have a strong ethanol flavor or burn. She gave 42 Below two thumbs up. Daniel said it burned in his mouth, but was smooth on the way down (which was the opposite of what he expected). He seemed to enjoy the shot, though.

42 Below is another great vodka. With great graphic design on the bottle and great taste, you’d be remiss not to have this vodka in your collection. Grab a bottle if you can find it.

Robert Brodrecht

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