Anestasia Vodka Official Review

Anestasia Vodka is ambitious. Hailing from Bend, OR, Anestasia aims to be the true 100% American-made ultra-premium vodka by trying to source the entire supply chain from the US, and the work to achieve that goal is a compelling story.

The vodka was conceived by artist and entrepreneur Yuliya Mamontova. Both Mamontova’s parents have a history of producing vodka in Russia and Ukraine. Anestasia is as much the realization of Mamontova’s heritage as it is a realization of the American dream. Her effort exceeds the expectations of both. Anestasia is the culmination of art, craftsmanship, and care.

If you’re one to judge a book by its cover, the bottle is designed by New York industrial designer / interior architect Karim Rashid. The consideration that Rashid put into the bottle design is impressive. It looks like Frank Gehry’s version of a vodka bottle, and is a work of art by itself. After chilling the bottle and leaving it out on the counter to frost, it’s a tiny monument to vodka, like the tip of an iceberg.

But the bottle, while beautiful, is nothing compared to the 90% that you can’t see.


Anestasia Vodka is better than water. There is almost no discernible flavor from lips to swallow with this vodka. It’s light in the mouth, almost sweet, and it stays that way even after the swallow. Anestasia is easily one of the best straight vodkas I’ve had the pleasure of tasting. These accolades are not to be taken lightly. Anestasia is an exceptional vodka.


Anestasia is so easy to drink straight that I don’t want to spoil it with other ingredients, but it is a sin that must come to pass. I mixed Anestasia Vodka with sweet tea to make my favorite at-home cocktail, the ice pick. Even at a fairly high mix of Anestasia, the vodka is completely transparent. This vodka is dangerously good. It’s easy to drink in a cocktail without noticing you’re drinking vodka.

Final Opinion

There are few vodkas on the market with the level of quality found in Anestasia. Request Anestasia by name at your favorite bar whether you’re drinking it straight or in your favorite cocktail. If you can find it, you won’t regret drinking it.

Robert Brodrecht

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