Azzurre Vodka Official Review

Azzurre vodka is sourced from uncommon ingredients. Azzurre one-ups Ciroc, a grape vodka, by claiming apples, grapes, and sugar cane as the ingredients that make up the vodka. As we discussed some time ago, the constituents of vodka is of great debate. In the mid-2000’s, the European Union was in an uproar over Ciroc. According to the incumbents, vodka is made only from the traditional ingredients of cereals (grains, corn, etc), potatoes, and sugar beet molasses.

In the end, the Schnellhardt compromise allowed for alternatively sourced vodkas to be represented on the label as “vodka produced from” other sources. Particularly, Poland objected, referencing other spirits that have very strict requirements to have a particular name (e.g. Champagne). But traditional, old world rules don’t apply to the modern world, especially one driven by the American market. When that vodka was born in Las Vegas, there’s no such thing as “old world.” There is only the present.

As much as I love the craft of the old world, Americans are interested in innovation and disruption of old norms. So, Azzurre is in the right market.


Innovative ingredients are only a starting point. The taste of the spirit must live up to the reasons for making a vodka from non-traditional ingredients. Luckily, Azzurre also brings an innovative flavor profile. With no added sugar, Azzurre achieves an incredible sweetness. There are many floral notes on top of a creamy overtone. The vodka has a pleasant mouthfeel and is very easy to swallow.


The flavor profile of Azzurre will likely make it a great tool for mixologists. Playing with the sweet, creamy, floral notes can surely be used by a skilled artist to punch up many cocktails.

However, I’m not a mixologist. I do have a few cocktails I like to make.

First, I mixed Azzurre in an ice pick, my go-to cocktail for reviews. The vodka did incredible things with the sweet tea. The sweetness was amplified in a way that no other vodka has done so in the past. This vodka offers the most delightful version of this cocktail that I have experienced.

Next, I tried a standard screwdriver. A screwdriver made with Azzurre is the best screwdriver I’ve tasted. I couldn’t pick up on the vodka at all. Screwdrivers are fickle drinks to make, normally. Too much vodka makes the cocktail bitter. Not with Azzurre. If anything, Azzurre punches up the sweet flavors.

Finally, I tried my second favorite cocktail, a screwdriver with pomegranate juice. As you might have gathered from the plain screwdriver, this cocktail is excellent with Azzurre. In addition to all the nice things the vodka does to orange juice, it also takes the tartness out of the pomegranate juice. The whole concoction is sweeter than I’ve ever tasted it before.

Azzurre is one of the best mixing vodkas I’ve had the pleasure of trying.

Final Opinions

Azzurre is unlike any vodka I’ve tasted, but Azzurre is a vodka unlike any other vodka. As of this writing, Azzurre is exclusive to Las Vegas. If you want to try it and you’re not in Vegas, you’ll have to take a trip, but it’s a great excuse to visit.

Robert Brodrecht

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