Bama Vodka Official Review

I live in Alabama. I was born in Alabama. I graduated from the University of Alabama, Roll Tide. I’m Bama. This vodka is called Bama Vodka. It seems like a natural fit that I should be drinking it. Well, maybe not. As far as I can tell, the only link between this vodka and Alabama is that it is filtered with Alabama limestone (which there is plenty of, for the record). So, the simple question is: should I be happy to have this vodka representing Alabama?

The Shot

Bama vodka is nothing to write home about, unfortunately. The taste is disconcerting. It’s very bitter in my mouth and doesn’t get any better as it sits. The swallow, while smooth enough, doesn’t clear the bitter flavor. I could get by without a chaser (I feel like I’m saying that more often nowadays), but a nice glass of Splenda sweet tea helps wash it away.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Bama Vodka with a Crystal Light and Black Cherry MiO. The vodka didn’t integrate well with the mixers. It was easy to detect the bitters through the sweet of the mixers. This is not even a vodka I would mix with.

Final Opinions

I made it through the bottle. I don’t usually comment on hangover since a hangover depends a lot on what you do besides drink vodka (e.g. how much water you drink, whether you eat before/after you drink, how much you drink, what time you quit drinking), but, despite my best efforts, I ended up hung over. I guess that’s what I expected after tasting the vodka. It sits in an odd place both above and below a vodka like Smirnoff. It’s smoother, but tastes worse.

Unfortunately, at this time, I can’t recommend a vodka that bears the name Alabama.

Robert Brodrecht

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