Belvedere Official Review

I’ve been leery of Belvedere because I linked it to Grey Goose. I decided to give it a go.

The Shot

I was really surprised at Belvedere. I was expecting more from a top shelf vodka. It’s a little bitter. It stays a little bitter, then remains bitter after the swallow. It only burns a little, but I expect completely smooth from a vodka that claims to be of this quality (by price, that is).

The Mixed Drink

Belvedere is a great mixer. It mixes perfectly with Passion Fruit juice. I can’t taste the vodka at all. Belvedere, it seems, is made for mixing.


Erin said it was a good mixer but, “it just tastes like a mixed drink.” I guess she meant it wasn’t exceptional.

I like Belvedere as a mixer, but it isn’t very impressive as a shooter. For the price, it’s really overrated. There are better vodkas for the same price, and similar quality for less.

Robert Brodrecht

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