Blavod Official Review

Blavod is the black vodka. Get it? BlackVodka? I thought so. I heard about Blavod from my friend Jeremy. He heard about it on the Internet. Since we were in Alabama, there was little chance of us getting it. Eventually, I was able to procure a bottle. It seemed like the a cool, goth vodka.

From what I’ve read, Blavod is black because it has and herb called Black Catechu, which is apparently a Burmese tree. However, the “certified colors” on the label makes me wonder. According to the Blavod site, the herb apparently adds no flavor or smell.

Unfortunately, there is no information that I could find about what it’s made of, how many times it’s distilled, or how it’s filtered.

The Shot

Blavod has some very interesting flavors. It’s very difficult to place because there is both sweet and bitter, and seem to augment one another to create a really nice, palatable flavor. Of course, it’s totally cool to be sucking down a black liquid. I love the flavor of Blavod. It’s an excellent shooter. I don’t believe that the Black Catechu adds no flavor. I’ve never tasted a vodka that tastes like Blavod.

The Mixed Drink

The greatest thing about Blavod cocktails is that it turns everything a funny color. The novelty is undeniable. If you want some fun drinks on Halloween, this is the vodka to do it.

I mixed Blavod with High Pulp Simply Orange. It makes an olive green mix, with tons of funky chunks in it. Blavod is a bit bitter in the orange juice, but it is an interesting bitter rather than an off-putting bitter.


Erin loved Blavod with POM pomegranate juice. She said the pomegranate juice goes well with the vodka, and masks the flavor well.

I think Blavod is wonderful. Not only is it novel, it tastes great. If you can find Blavod, pick up a bottle. It’s worth every penny. My only complaint about Blavod is that their website is pretty terrible. So, Blavod guys, if you need a website, I’d be willing to do it for a case of your product.

Robert Brodrecht

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