Breckenridge Vodka Official Review

VodkaBuzz was launched in Breckenridge, Colorado, on March 10th, 2008. I feel like the site has come full circle, after 7 years, now that I have a bottle of Breckenridge Vodka from Breckenridge Distillery. So, it’s with great hope that I crack open this bottle.


Breckenridge Vodka is almost flavorless in the mouth except for a slight sweetness. It feels nice in my mouth, almost silky, and has no burn on the swallow. The aftertaste is pleasant, maybe even slightly nutty. This vodka is another one of the few sip-able vodkas I’ve tasted. It’s very pleasant to drink straight.


I mixed Breckenridge Vodka with sweet tea, making my favorite cocktail for at-home consumption: an ice pick. I’ve spent some time with this vodka so I know I can use a lot more vodka in this cocktail than other vodkas. Breckenridge Vodka is almost completely transparent. With a single 1.5 ounce shot, you’d have a dangerously easy to drink concoction. Breckenridge is a great mixing vodka.

Final Opinions

Breckenridge Vodka is an easy choice. You can sip it almost like water and it seems to be an excellent mixer that stays out of the way of the flavor of the other constituents. If you can find this vodka, buy it and enjoy it.

Robert Brodrecht

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