Chopin Official Review

I picked up Chopin on a whim. I rarely get to drink potato vodkas, and I tend to shy away from the so-called ultra premium vodkas because they tend to be better mixers than shooters.

The Shot

Chopin is virtually flavorless in the mouth. There is only a slight burn on the way down. The after taste is a little bitter and tends to stick a little harder than most vodkas. It almost requires a chaser. Overall, Chopin is a very good shooter.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Chopin with orange juice. At a moderate mixture, I imagine most would have a hard time detecting any flavor in a Chopin screw driver. I detected a very, very slight bitter flavor. When I mixed it a little stronger, the bitters came out even more. Unless you’re trying to get smashed, I doubt you’ll be mixing it strong enough to matter. Ultimately, Chopin is a great mixer.


Chopin is a really great vodka. If you’re looking for a top shelf vodka, give it a try. A few other people mixed with Chopin and were very pleased with it. Coupled with the completely clean taste of the vodka straight, Chopin is a vodka that will make everyone happy.

Robert Brodrecht

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