Ciroc Redemption

I first reviewed Ciroc over 9 years ago.

Ciroc is sweet and smooth. Doesn’t require a chaser. Above all, it’s sweet. And the sweetness hangs in my mouth, and I can’t say I hate it. It’s almost like an energy drink flavor.

It’s fine in a screwdriver. The sweetness of the vodka doesn’t help the screwdriver, which I didn’t expect. It’s not a bad screwdriver but less than I expected.

Toss in a bit of Pom pomegranate juice into the screwdriver, and that changes everything. It may just be the Pom, but these juices are great with Ciroc.

In an ice pick, Ciroc adds a delightful fruity hint. I used to mix my sweet tea with fruit juice in high school, and this takes me back a little. I’d bet the average drinker won’t feel the same, but there’s something nice going on in this cocktail.

9-years later, some will call this review a redemption. It’s likely my young, punk palate was more interested in burning vodka tropes to the ground; damn the man, save the empire. But, a decade has cooled me out and the world is a different place.

Robert Brodrecht

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