Crater Lake Official Review

I got married on October 31st, 2008. Jeremy, my friend of many years brought me several bottles of local vodka for a wedding present. Crater Lake is one.

Crater Lake is small enough batch that it is hand numbered. Very few vodkas we’ve gotten our hands on have that distinction.

The Shot

Crater Lake Vodka is smooth in the mouth but slightly bitter. It has a bitter after taste that burns. It doesn’t quite require a chaser, but it’s nice as the after burn is a little more than I like to leave marinating in my mouth.

The Mixed Drink

Cater Lake Vodka mixed well in a dew driver. It has almost no noticeable flavor at a nearly 50% mix. At least in this application, it’s a good mixer.


Erin said the shot isn’t bad bad. She chased it quickly, but it didn’t have a bad after taste or serious burn.

Crater Lake Vodka is a decent choice of Oregon vodka. It shines brighter as a mixer than it does a s a shooter. If you’re in to the small-batch vodka, this is definitely worth a try.

Robert Brodrecht

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