Cristall Vodka Official Review

I’ve seen Cristall vodka sitting on the shelves for ages. With it’s odd shaped bottle, it’s hard to miss. With a lack of other options I picked up a bottle.

One interesting thing won’t be noticed until the cap is off. There seems to be some kind of pouring system in the mouth of the bottle. I’m not entirely sure what it’s for, but I hear the distinctive sound of a ball bearing rolling around when I start and stop pouring.

Cristall is another vodka with a stupid website site policy. Despite the fact that it is not illegal to link to a website, I’m not going to link to the Cristall website because they are foolish enough to demand “express written approval.”

The Shot

The Cristall shot is bitter at first. In the mouth, it remains bitter until the slight bite of the swallow. It leaves a bitter flavor on the back of the tongue. Cristall doesn’t need a chaser, but it’s nice to have one near by.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Cristall vodka with Sugar Free Red Bull at close to 50/50. The Cristall meshed well with the Red Bull. The bitter flavor seemed to enhance the bite of the energy drink. It’s a fairly enjoyable brew.


Daniel and Erin both did shots with me. Daniel said simply, “It’s rough.” Erin wasn’t fond of it either. She made faces, but didn’t complain too much.

The bottle is eye catching, and the pouring mechanism is interesting. It’s a good mixer with Red Bull, but I’d rather not shoot it.

Robert Brodrecht

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