Finlandia Official Review

I picked up Finlandia because it was a mid-priced vodka. There is really nothing special about it. It is a vodka from Finland. I cannot link to their website,, because the “linking policy” is shit. Normally, I would link to their site, ignoring Finlandia’s disapproval due to breaking one or more of their “linking policy” rules. However, I think it’s a better statement to not link to them at all (and make fun of them) than to link to them despite the draconian and, ultimately, unenforcable “linking policy.” So, to put it softly, sucks, is a shit website, and really has no clue about the methods and practices of the Internet. There is no way Finlandia can actually enforce their “linking agreement” and they are pathetic for pretending that they can. So, screw off, Finlandia, for being rediculously stupid. If I wanted to live in the dark ages, I wouldn’t link to your site; I’d… well… time travel back the the Dark Ages, I guess.

The Shot

I chilled shots of Finlandia individually. At full chill, it wasn’t bad. The aftertaste was bitter and it burned on the way down, but it was otherwise decent. After the bottle had time too cool off, I shot it at a less than below zero temperature. The super-chilled shots were deceiving. Finlandia is pretty bitter at all points. It doesn’t exhibit the mouth drying features of cheap vodka, but it was simply bitter on entrance, in the middle, and on the way down. Finlandia is definitely not a shooting vodka.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Finlandia with Welch’s Strawberry Breeze (strawberry, orange, and pineapple). Finlandia is a pretty good mixing vodka. The vodka definitely takes the sweet out of the juice, but it is still very palatable and pleasant to drink.


Daniel and Erin both drank the same cocktail concoction as I had. They both liked it. Erin said it masks the flavor well, and Daniel said he enjoyed drinking the cocktail. Daniel had the misfortune of shooting Finlandia warm. He very nearly vomited.

If you’re mixing, Finlandia is a good mixer. If you’re shooting, there are better options. If you want to browse a website, don’t browse It may turn out that their terms and conditions (which I cannot link to) allow Finlandia to claim your very soul once you load the home page. You have been warned.

Robert Brodrecht

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