Firestarter Vodka Official Review

I think like most, the packaging is what drew me to Firestarter Vodka. It looks like a big red fire extinguisher. But it’s not, as the label clearly points out. I inquired with the clerk at the liquor store about the vodka, and she suggested I try it, pointing out that a portion of the profits go to local fire stations. My dad was a fireman, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Before I get to the review, I have to talk about the bottle. It’s a gimmick. It doesn’t pump up to pressurize. It’s just for looks. The end of the nozzle screws off, and you pour it. The down side is that it doesn’t pour very reliably. Sometimes it flows well and other times it doesn’t. If you’ve ever used a Posi Pour, it’s every bit as miserable. If you haven’t, ask your local bartender about it. Ultimately, the packaging looks neat, but I’d rather have a normal bottle.

The Shot

My first taste of Firestarter Vodka was revolting. I couldn’t swallow it. I had to spit it out. I thought the bottle had been contaminated. It may very well have been, but I waited a week to give it another try. The second try wasn’t so bad. I wouldn’t call it palatable, but I didn’t feel compelled to expel it from my body before it got past the front door.

The vodka is simply bitter. The flavor at all points isn’t enjoyable. It starts bad and gets worse the longer it sits on my tongue. The upshot is that it’s smooth on the way down. The bad aftertaste is the only reason I need a chaser.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Firestarter Vodka with cran-apple juice. I was hoping the bitter flavors of the juice would compliment the vodka, but it ultimately just made the bitter of the vodka stand out more. You may have better results with a sweeter mixer, but I ran out before I got a chance to try something else.

Final Thoughts

If it’s true that friends don’t let friends drink bad vodka, I must recommend you avoid Firestarter Vodka. There is better vodka out there for the same price. The bottle will look neat on your shelf, but sharing the contents won’t score you any points with your drinking buddies.

Robert Brodrecht

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