Grand Touring Official Review

It’s no secret that I’m into cars. So, I was a little giddy when I saw Grand Touring Vodka. It’s clearly focused towards car guys with a Bentley-like crest bearing “GT” to the stitched white leather seat pattern on the big sticker. Even the cap evokes images of a leather-wrapped shifter. I had to try this vodka, and I did after a few weeks of eyeing it.

The Shot

Grand Touring Vodka is an odd one. The first time I tasted it, I was immediately averse. When the vodka hit my tongue, I immediately didn’t like it. After getting more familiar, I was able to discern that the initial taste isn’t bad, but a weird bitter flavor starts creeping in quickly, then floods my mouth after I swallow. For what it’s worth, the vodka is smooth. I could easily go without a chaser, but the flavor is a little too much to handle. I really can’t describe the flavor, but it’s bitter in all the wrong places.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Grand Touring Vodka with mango juice. Erin likes to chase with it, but I thought the sugary beverage might offset the odd flavor. At a fairly high mixture (more like a shooter than a cocktail), the mango juice offsets the odd flavors in a good way. It’s still not the mixer I would choose, but I’d rather mix this vodka than drink it straight.


In short, if you have a car-themed man cave or office area, this bottle will look nice sitting with your memorabilia. As far as drinking, it’d be better to keep some other stuff in your toolchest-themed mini-fridge.

Robert Brodrecht

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