Gunnar’s Corn Vodka Official Review

Florida-based Gunnar’s Distilling Company launched in 2015 with their 100% American corn vodka. The company is committed to quality ingredients sourced from American farms, and their care selecting the ingredients shows in the vodka.


Gunnar’s Corn Vodka is everything you could ask for from a corn vodka. It’s very sweet with a comfortable mouth feel. After a smooth swallow, a pleasant peppery taste presents and quickly fades. This is a vodka that both beginners and connoisseurs can enjoy straight. Gunnar’s Corn Vodka is simply an excellent incarnation of corn vodka.


I put Gunnar’s Corn Vodka in a few cocktails. In a screwdriver, the sweet notes of the vodka dial up the flavor of the orange juice, which is best effect a vodka can have on a fruit juice cocktail.

Add a dash of pomegranate juice to mix it up or some cranberry to make a madras, and you’ll find similar results. The vodka dials down the tartness of both juices a little and makes for a very enjoyable drink.

Whether you prefer to drink straight vodka or mix it, Gunnar’s Corn Vodka has you covered.

Final Thoughts

Gunnar’s Corn Vodka celebrates the American farmer by delivering a finely crafted vodka that is a shining example of corn vodka done right. It’s hard to find stand-out corn vodkas as the market share of corn increases, but Gunnar’s has managed to create a vodka that is worthy of attention from vodka aficionados and novices alike.

Robert Brodrecht

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