Ivanabitch Official Review

It’s hard to miss a bottle emblazoned with the word “bitch.” I know there is the “Ivana” part, but it’s clear on what syllable the emphasis falls. The important question is whether Ivanabitch vodka can live up to the edgy branding.

The Shot

Ivanabitch is at first flavorless with odd “almondy” or “vanillaish” flavors slowly creeping in as it marinates on my tongue. A slight burn also starts to develop, and presents itself strongly on the swallow. Fortunately, the burn fades quickly, but my mouth is left with a bitter aftertaste. I don’t have a great need to chase, but a chaser clears the slightly unpleasant taste.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Ivanabitch with Red Bull at about one part vodka to two parts Red Bull. Ivanabitch mixes very well, perhaps even improving the flavor of the Red Bull, ignoring the slight bitters in the aftertaste.

I also made a screwdriver with Ivanabitch at the same mixture. Again, the subtle flavors make cocktail pleasant in the mouth, but the bitters on the swallow are a little disconcerting.


I’ve discussed before that Russian vodkas have a desirable burn. I get mixed signals from Ivanabitch. Obviously, the name invokes thoughts of Russia, but the vodka is made in the Netherlands. Taken as a Russian vodka, I think they failed. However, if I associate it with other vodkas from the Netherlands (e.g. Vox or Ketel One), it seems to fall right in line. If you’re a fan of that style vodka, Ivanabitch might be right up your alley.

And, for the record, it’s very hard not to type “Ivannabitch”. I figured I should mention that for people searching for this ;)

Robert Brodrecht

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