Ketel One Official Review

Ketel One. Ketel One is the vodka I hear the second most people claim is The Best Vodka, bested only by Grey Goose. I never really bought it because of price. That is, until I started VodkaBuzz. I have tried to review this vodka no less than five times. Every other time, we end up drinking first and saving the review until the next day. Every other time, we drink it all before we can review it. This time, I’m determined to do this review.

The Shot

Ketel One is very smooth. In the mouth, it is fairly flavorless. There’s no burn on the way down, though there is a mild bitter flavor left in the mouth afterward. It’s slightly unpleasant to me, but I definitely didn’t need to chase it with anything.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Ketel One Vodka with two parts Sugar Free Red Bull. While it is clearly a good mixer, the bitters come through a little too much to call it a perfect mixer. It’s pretty close, though. Ignoring the tinge of bitter, Ketel One makes for a very smooth and very drinkable cocktail. You’ll more than likely be very happy with Ketel One.


Ketel One is an outstanding vodka. The family tradition has made me a bit nostalgic (even thought I didn’t want to type it out for you), but the attention paid to the vodka really pays off. If you haven’t had Ketel One Vodka (chances are that you have), you ought to try it. I know that it is pricy, but what will a few bucks for a shot the next time you are on vacation hurt you? Not any.

Robert Brodrecht

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