Mako Vodka Official Review

I’ve seen Mako Vodka on the shelves for a few months now, and I finally decided to pick up a bottle.

The Shot

Mako Vodka isn’t a stellar vodka to drink straight. It’s smooth enough, but it has an odd sweetness to it that I can’t exactly put my finger on. It’s almost a bittersweet in the mouth. It’s an unsettling sensation as I let the vodka sit on my tongue. I don’t need a chaser, but I take this vodka with a chaser anyway.

The Mixed Drink

I’ve recently come to enjoy a new cocktail. You may call it a John Daly or Ice Pick. Whatever the case, I take some sweet tea, add some lemon juice, and drop in a couple ounces of vodka. I must confess that Mako Vodka is excellent in this cocktail. The odd sweetness I found in the straight vodka adds a great kick to the already sweet drink.

I also tried Mako Vodka in tried-and-tested Crystal Light. It performed equally well there. Mako may not be a vodka for an exotic cocktail (not that I care), but it works great in around-the-house mixed drinks (the kind I like).


Given how great this vodka works in my new favorite cocktail, I might be buying more of this vodka. There are definitely better straight vodkas for cheaper, but Mako Vodka definitely has a niche in my world.

Robert Brodrecht

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