Monopolowa Official Review

Monopolowa was suggested by a reader. We happened to find a bottle in Denver, Colorado.

The Shot

The taste of Monopolowa in the mouth is clean and comfortable. The swallow brings out bitter flavors that stick to the tongue. On the way down, the vodka is very smooth. Monopolowa doesn’t require a chaser, but the bitters that hang around aren’t the most pleasant.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Monopolowa with Welch’s White Grape Juice, at least two times as much juice as vodka. Monopolowa significantly bitters the juice, making for a less than enjoyable cocktail.


Daniel tried a shot of Monopolowa. He said it was alright going down, fairly smooth, but the bite afterwards was very strong. He thought it needed a chaser, and he wouldn’t just sip on. He wasn’t impressed.

Monopolowa is an okay vodka, but if you’re after a potato vodka, there are much better options. The saving grace is that it is priced for the middle shelf.

Robert Brodrecht

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