Moskovskaya Vodka Official Review

My friend Troy’s favorite vodka is Moskovskaya. He’s been talking about it for years, but he thought it wasn’t available in the US. We even discussed how we could import the vodka via private courier, much like importing Absinthe several years ago. It turns out Applejack in Denver had several bottles. I was stoked when I found them.

The Shot

Moskovskaya is wonderful. Even at room temperature, it’s flavorless and smooth. In fact, it seems better at room temperature than chilled. As I said, it’s flavorless the entire time it’s in the mouth. There is a slightly odd flavor on the swallow (an almost citrus or lime flavor), but it goes down smooth without need of a chaser. This is great vodka at an amazing price. This competes with Crystal Head at about 1/4 the price.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Moskovskaya with Crystal Light. It mixes perfectly without changing the flavor at all. Given its qualities as a straight sipping vodka, it’s a safe bet that Moskovskaya will mix well with whatever you like.

Final Thoughts

If you can find Moskovskaya, you should try it. That’s all I have to say. If that’s not recommendation enough, I don’t know what is.

Robert Brodrecht

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