New Amsterdam Vodka Official Review

The first time I saw New Amsterdam, it was in the gin carnation in a billboard. I remember wanting the ad to be a vodka ad, and was sad that it wasn’t. Turns out, New Amsterdam is also a vodka; a pretty great vodka.

The Shot

New Amsterdam vodka is smooth, especially for the price. This is another one of those premium vodkas selling for a non-premium price. It has very little flavor at first, then follows with a pleasant bitter tinge as it sits. On swallow, the bitter gets a little less enjoyable, but the vodka goes down like water. There is no need for a chaser, as the mild flavors aren’t offensive in the slightest.

The Mixed Drink

I’m on a low card diet which is very restrictive for mixers. I mixed New Amsterdam Vodka with Fuze Tropical Punch. Fuze usually doesn’t mix well, but New Amsterdam is almost completely flavorless. There is a slight bitterness, but it’s very easy to drink. I would be willing to bet that New Amsterdam would mix great with just about anything.

Final Opinions

I can’t lie. I’ve been drinking New Amsterdam for a long time, but never got around to doing a review because I was too busy enjoying the vodka. If you haven’t had New Amsterdam yet, you need to get a bottle for this weekend. The price is great and the quality is even better.

Robert Brodrecht

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