Pinnacle Cake Official Review

The Shot

Pinnacle Cake is spot on for white cake with white icing. I’m not sure if it’s the picture on the bottle or if it’s actually there, but I can even taste the multicolored sprinkles. There is a slight ethanol flavor on the finish, but there’s still a strong aftertaste of cake that covers it all up. Other than the deathly sweet, it’s pretty decent to drink straight.

The Mixed Drink

Per Pinnacle’s suggestion, I tried a Sunset Luau (Pinnacle Cake, orange juice, and pineapple juice). Either I didn’t mix it right or it just plain doesn’t taste good. While most of the other cocktails that are on Pinnacle’s recipe sheet sound pretty good, they all require a bunch of other liqueurs. I’m sure this vodka will make for a great cocktail with the right ingredients, I’m just not dedicated enough to the vodka to spend the money trying them out. If you find a cocktail that contains Pinnacle Cake while you’re out on the town, I doubt very seriously that you will regret it unless you just don’t like really sweet cocktails.


Everyone who tried the vodka straight agreed that it tastes like cake and is easy to drink. If you happen to have an extensive library of liqueurs, you should add this vodka to your collection. If you’re out, try it in a drink. If you are a cake fiend, give it a try. This is a great entry from Pinnacle in the flavored vodka market, but it’s not something I’d keep around the house.

Robert Brodrecht

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