Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka Official Review

Pinnacle Vodka has become one of the most well know names in flavored vodka. Of their odd flavors, Pinnacle Cotton Candy is arguably one of the most insane. My main complaint with these vodka oddities is the lack of a clear way to mix them. Pinnacle Cotton Candy is a major offender of this, but, hey, who doesn’t like cotton candy?

The Shot

Pinnacle Cotton Candy certainly smells like cotton candy, but it doesn’t pull off the flavor well. The vodka feels dense. It’s like you took an entire cone of cotton candy, put a little water in it, and ate it. It’s not particularly bad, I guess, but it’s far from being good. That said, you aren’t supposed to drink this vodka straight.

The Mixed Drink

Our mission at VodkaBuzz is to bring an unpretentious look at vodka. By my definition, that means we are pragmatic about mixing. I’ve taken a lot of flack about the stuff we mix with, but we don’t claim to be do anything more than I expect the average drinker will do. That makes some of these odd flavors difficult. Pinnacle Cotton Candy is especially difficult. Almost all the cocktails Pinnacle suggests on their website require one or more other Pinnacle flavored vodkas to mix with. That ain’t our style.

Fortunately, Pinnacle did specify two “normal” mixers for Pinnacle Cotton Candy: Sprite and Coke. Well, they really said lemon-line soda and cola. That really means Sprite and Coke. I got Diet Coke and Sprite Zero. Both were absolutely terrible.

I don’t know if that was because I got the diet versions or because Pinnacle Cotton Candy is really a froufrou mixer. If you had better experiences, please do share them. Until then, as far as I’m concerned, avoid this vodka.

Robert Brodrecht

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