Pinnacle Official Review

I picked up Pinnacle on a whim. It was in a relatively low price range, and seemed like it was ready for a go.

The Shot

The taste is initially slightly bitter. The taste gets more bitter, and finally more bitter as I swallow. The upshot is that it doesn’t burn on the way down. Pinnacle is a poor shooter.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Pinnacle with Low-carb Monster. The shot gave way to a similar mixing experience. The bitterness came through the energy drink and gave it a spoiled taste.


Daniel tried Pinnacle with me. He made a face that looked like he was going to vomit. He said the smell disarming. The taste was horrible; the swallow, painful, but the aftertaste was ok. As a mixer, he said he couldn’t taste the vodka. He could only taste the Monster. He wouldn’t mind it for the price for mixing.

In a rare event, Erin decided to shoot with me. Since she hates shooting and tries to avoid tasting vodka, she didn’t have anything to say about the taste. Comparing the burn (or lack thereof) of Pinnacle to the last vodka she shot, however, she said, “Rain burned going down, and for a long time. The burn from Pinnacle was considerably less intense, and went away quickly.”

I’m not very surprised with Pinnacle. At the price range, there isn’t much more that can be expected quality wise. However, it’s clear from my comrades’ comments that Pinnacle is worth trying if you’re shopping for a cheaper vodka.

Robert Brodrecht

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