Pinnacle Tropical Punch Official Review

As I continue my trek through Pinnacle’s flavors, I’m giving Pinnacle Tropical Punch vodka a try.

The Shot

As usual with Pinnacle’s flavored vodkas, it’s difficult to detect the vodka in Pinnacle Tropical Punch vodka. The aftertaste is a bit vodka-heavy to make it an easy sipper, but it’s not hard to ignore. It tastes like I’d imagine Hawaiian Punch mixed with vodka would taste. It’s drinkable straight, but it’s not as great as Pinnacle Cookie Dough straight. I’d pick this over Pinnacle Cotton Candy but, as I’ve said before, these flavored vodkas aren’t for drinking straight.

The Mixed Drink

I thought Pinnacle Tropical Punch would work well with just about any sweet mixer. I went with Diet Sierra Mist at about one part vodka to two parts soda. The result is a simple and awesome drink. It has a slight fruity flavor over the normal Diet Sierra Mist flavor, and is very easy to drink. If you’re into topical punch flavors, you really can’t go wrong with this mixed drink.

Final Thoughts

I have no complaints. Give Pinnacle Tropical Punch a try if you’re even remotely interested.

Robert Brodrecht

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