Pinnacle Whipped Official Review

Pinnacle Vodka is making an impression on the US market. However, it was the introduction of Pinnacle Whipped, the whipped cream flavor vodka, that really put Pinnacle on the map. So, what’s this vodka about?

The Shot

There’s not a lot to say. The majority of the flavor is an incredibly sweet whipped cream flavor. Below, there is a slight alcohol flavor, but it doesn’t distract at all from the whipped cream. The shot is easy to swallow and, since the whipped cream flavor is so strong, you really don’t need a chaser. That said, you probably won’t drink this vodka straight. It’s clearly made to be mixed.

The Mixed Drink

One of our readers suggested mixing Pinnacle Whipped Vodka with orange juice and pineapple juice. I tried this cocktail several months ago and was very impressed. It tasted exactly like an orange julius.

Today, though, I’m just mixing with orange juice. As you might expect, it tastes wonderful. You can probably skip on the pineapple juice I mentioned above and not miss anything.

A note about mixing this vodka: You probably want to mix some kind of straight vodka with it. At a 1-to-2 mix with OJ, this vodka is still terribly sweet. Some added vodka should thin it out some and make for a better experience over all.

Robert Brodrecht

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