Platinum Official Review

Platinum is made by Sazerac, makers of Rain and Taaka. Rain got a great review and Taaka got a bad review. It seems Platinum vodka is Sazerac’s mid-range vodka (in their lineup of vodkas). I had a bottle left over from my wife’s bachelorette party. I figured I should take advantage of the free vodka.

The Shot

Platinum has no real flavor, but leaving it in my mouth slowly starts to pull the moisture out of my mouth. Upon swallowing, it’s immediately bitter and burns. A chaser is definitely required.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Platinum at a 50% mixture with passion fruit juice. It mixed amazingly well after the shot. There was a slightly bitter flavor, but it mixed well with the juice.


Platinum is definitely best as a mixer. Platinum fills out the mid-range of the three Sazerac vodkas I’ve tasted, but it barely falls into the lower middle shelf. It’s a slightly better choice than Taaka, but falls far below Rain.

Robert Brodrecht

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