Popov Official Review

I’ve never had Popov before, but it has a reputation like that of Aristocrat. The aroma itself is enough to make me feel bad. The large yellow “Now! Unbreakable bottle” is mocking me because I wish I could break the bottle to avoid this tasting.

The Shot

The taste sets off my gag reflex. It’s bitter and sets the flavor across my entire mouth. It burns in my mouth and down my throat as I manage to take it down. I wish I had a chaser, but I didn’t bring one over to the table with me.

The Mixed Drink

The mixer is Sugar Free Rockstar. Popov is a decent mixer. The bitterness is still very apparent, typical with a well vodka mixed drink, but the flavor is bearable if mixed down enough.


I had to take a stab at Popov alone. While Popov, like all the lower shelf vodkas, is not to be had straight, it makes a mixed drink that I could drink if I had to. If at all possible, I will continue to avoid it as I have done before tonight.

Robert Brodrecht

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