Praga Official Review

Long before vodka became a vehicle for saccharine flavors to pacify clubgoers, vodka was a drink of the people. Vodka, much like beer today, was a part of daily life. Praga brings old world sentiments about vodka from those bygone days to modern culture. While the aesthetic may be out of place in a nightclub, it should resonate well with true vodka aficionados. Praga is trying to make a vodka true to the history of vodka, and that demands attention.


Praga has a slightly sweet flavor from the front to the finish but is otherwise transparent. It’s very smooth with no harshness at any point. It’s very easy to sip straight and you won’t find yourself wishing you had something to chase with. Praga is a perfectly executed vodka that balances the right amount of flavor with a little touch of heat that rewards those that love vodka enough to drink it straight.


Praga in an ice pick is exceptional. The vodka has no adverse effect on the tea. Given the natural sweet notes of Praga, it may even benefit the cocktail. It’s almost too easy to drink. As I said before, Praga is vodka in perfect form, so it is no surprise that the vodka mixes so easily.

I also mixed one part Praga with one part orange juice and one part pomegranate juice. The vodka mixes very well with the fruit juices and meets my expectations for this cocktail. As I’ve said before, vodka with orange juice requires following a delicate ratio, so you may need to make some adjustments to find an ideal ratio for you.

Final Opinions

Praga is a quintessential vodka. The vodka is clearly designed for those that enjoy straight vodka. It’s exceedingly good for this. The fact that it is so well balanced happens to make it excellent in a cocktail, too. Any way you like your vodka, straight or mixed, Praga is wonderful choice.

Robert Brodrecht

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