Relska Official Review

In an attempt to add more vodkas to our bottom shelf, I grabbed a bottle of Relska.

The Shot

Relska is slightly bitter when it hits the tongue. As with most cheap vodkas, it dries the mouth as it sits. The taste got more and more bitter. The swallow burned a bit and the aftertaste was, of course, bitter. That said, this was one of the best 40 proof bottom shelf vodkas I’ve had. It’s definitely bottom shelf, though.

The Mixed Drink

Relska mixed with Passion Fruit Juice was surprisingly good. The flavor of the vodka barely pops out, but it doesn’t ruin the drink. For a bottom shelf vodka, Relska is a great mixer.


Erin said it isn’t terrible as a mixer. She said there is a definitely an ethanol flavor, though. In the end she was surprised that it was as good of a mixer as it was.

Daniel and Mel tried a shot with me. Neither of them loved it, but neither of them looked sick after. So, it must not have been that bad for the single shot.

Relska is a decent mixer. If you’re shooting, you’d do better to pick up something better. If you’re mixing and you’re in a pinch, Relska might get you through your rough spot.

Robert Brodrecht

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