Russian Standard Original Official Review

Russian Standard Original Vodka is the bottom of the Russian Standard line and is the highest selling premium vodka in the world. We’ve reviewed the top of the Russian Standard line, Imperia, which is our favorite Russian vodka. It was only a matter of time before we got our hands on Russian Standard Original, and now is that time.

The Shot

Russian Standard Original Vodka has a bitter bite that is typical of Russian vodkas. The bitter bite is very soft, though, and quite pleasing given the context. The feel in the mouth is nice, as one should expect from a premium vodka. There is a very light burn on the way down, leaving the light bitter flavor in the mouth. A chaser is far from needed, but the aftertaste doesn’t let me forget that I’ve been drinking vodka. A nice fruit drink or soda helps to clean the pallet. Russian Standard Original Vodka is a great shooting vodka.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Russian Standard Original Vodka with White Grape Peach juice at a 1:1 ratio. There was only a slight bitter flavor and the mix was very easy to drink. With double the juice, there’s no discernible vodka flavor. Russian Standard Original blends perfectly well, making a really great cocktail.


Erin had Russian Standard Original Vodka with White Grape Peach juice, as well. She said she couldn’t really taste the vodka and “guess[ed] that [was] a good thing.” Daniel said the shot was pretty smooth and didn’t have much of a burn. He said he could taste the ethanol, but it was smooth, nonetheless.

It’s really no wonder why Russian Standard Original Vodka is so popular. It’s a great vodka at a reasonable price. If you favor Russian vodkas, it’d be silly not to try this vodka.

Robert Brodrecht

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