Segram’s Extra Smooth Vodka Official Review

I’ve shied away from Segram’s for a long time. My sister bought a bottle years ago before a party and it didn’t end well. As always, I’m willing to make a sacrifice for the review.

The Shot

Unsurprisingly, Segram’s vodka is horribly bitter. There is a pretty decent burn on the way down followed by a horribly bitter aftertaste. For some reason the flavor of the vodka reminds me of almonds, but not in a good way. If you don’t have a chaser with this vodka, you’ll regret it as your stomach tries to turn in on itself.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Segram’s at approximately 2 parts orange juice to 1 part vodka. Surprisingly, Segram’s Vodka is not a bad mixer. The flavors blend well with the OJ and acts as a complement.


Erin took a shot of Segram’s Vodka and noted the bad mouth flavor, bitter aftertaste, and slow, long burn. I her own words, “I don’t drink vodka straight, but if it takes more than a drink of chaser to kill the burn, it’s bad.” On the other hand, she said it mixes fairly well, and suggested that the vodka must be made to mix.

Segram’s Extra Smooth Vodka is a rough brew if you’re drinking it straight. However, if you’re out trying to enjoy a cheap cocktail that doesn’t skimp on the taste, Segram’s might be just right.

Robert Brodrecht

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