Skol Official Review

Once upon a time (when I was in college), I served drinks at a country club. At some point in my tenure there, Skol became the official well vodka. I thought it was sad that they were using a vodka cheaper than Smirnoff. However, I never bothered to try Skol to see if it compared. I decided to change that.

The Shot

The initial taste hides behind the chill. As the vodka warms in my mouth, the moisture slowly gets ripped away, forcing me to swallow. Skol rips and burns all the way down my throat. The aftertaste is so bitter it requires a chaser.

The Mixed Drink

The mixer was Red Bull. The mixed drink was horrible. It tasted like the Red Bull was spoiled.


Luckily, I didn’t have anyone drinking with me. If you want a bottom shelf vodka, there are better options than Skol.

Robert Brodrecht

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