Skyy Official Review

Skyy was my college vodka. It was cheap enough to afford, and beat Aristocrat without a doubt. One thing that has always caught my attention was Skyy’s wonderful ability to chill. Compared to other vodkas, it seems to get even closer to freezing. If you leave a bottle of Skyy in the freezer for a day and leave it out for a few minutes, the bottle will start to frost up on the outside. The same thing happens with a shot poured in a glass. Skyy gets thicker when chilled than other vodkas, too. This probably attributes to the frost effect. Whatever the case, I attribute these to the quality, whether it means the water content is higher or some unknown factor.

The Shot

Skyy vodka tastes smooth. There is very little hint of flavor, and virtually no bitterness. Skyy seems to freeze well, making the liquid thick. It swallows well with a slight burn on the way down. The aftertaste is a very soft bitterness, but it is somehow pleasant. At full chill, this is a good shooting vodka.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed with Sugar Free Rock Star. Skyy is a great mixing vodka. It blends well with the mixer, and doesn’t seem to reveal itself very much.


Erin disagrees with my assessment on the mixed drink, stating that Skyy is detectable and leaves a slightly bitter after taste. She declined to shoot it.

While I favorably review Skyy, lets be honest. This vodka is best fresh from the freezer. Keep it chilled, serve it chilled, and drink it before it starts to warm. All the lovely qualities of Skyy go south fast when it loses the super-freeze. They call it super-premium. If it is, it’s on the lower end of the spectrum if it gets warm.

Robert Brodrecht

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