Sobieski Official Review

Sobieski has an interesting marketing campaign. That is, they don’t really have one. They tout the lack of celebs, babes, and fancy stuff. Sobieski wants to be known for their vodka, and they also want the world to know their Polish heritage. Maybe most importantly, they want the world to know vodka’s Polish heritage. All of these are laudable goals.

I won’t pretend that I haven’t had most vodkas I review. Sobieski is an interesting case, however, as it hasn’t been widely released in America. So, I get the interesting chance to make up my mind about a new premium vodka in a public space.

The Shot

I let the first shot be an introduction. Like shaking someone’s hand the first time, you pay attention to the details of how they grasp your hand. It always feels foreign. The second time is more familiar. You know what to expect and you start to pick up the finer points. Vodka is no different.

Sobieski has a bitter-sweet flavor. It reminds me of what Belvedere (a widely known Polish rye vodka) wanted to be. Belvedere came across as just bitter. Sobieski has sweet tones that Belvedere lacks. In fact, the sweetness that Belvedere lacks is exactly what makes Sobieski a good shooter. It goes down smooth with only a mild burn and doesn’t need a chaser. The sweet tones stick around after the swallow.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Sobieski in a tried-and-true screw driver. Sobieski is a great mixer. The sweet tones from the shot really mesh well with the Simply Orange Juice. The screwdriver is easy to drink and enjoy.


Given the fact that I got an early release of Sobieski, I really felt that it was my duty to see what the general American public felt about the vodka. I happened to be at a pool party. So, I sampled as many people as I could with Sobieski screw drivers.

  • Donielle was taken aback by the great taste of the vodka. It sounded like she was used to lesser quality vodkas, and was surprised by how smooth Sobieski is.
  • Heather said it didn’t have a bitter taste and it wasn’t too sweet. She said it was smooth and you could gulp it if you wanted.
  • Erin said Sobieski was good. You could barely taste it in the mixer and it didn’t have an aftertaste.

Historically, this is a great response to a vodka from tasters. Typically, people point out the short comings instead of positives. So, this is a unique response. As far as I’m concerned, Sobieski is a great addition to the American vodka market and easily beats many widely known “ultra premium” vodkas. Pick up a bottle as soon as you can.

Robert Brodrecht

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