Stolichnaya (Stoli) Official Review

I originally wrote this review in April 2008. A lot of folks recently have mentioned that my info from 2008 Stoli bottles isn’t correct anymore. Russian market Stoli is produced in Russia, but outside markets are produced in Latvia. I use information from the bottle to populate details and don’t review very often. I have updated Stolichnaya with the information on the most current bottle, which acknowledges the Latvian production of the US market vodka. –Robert, October 2018

Stolichnaya vodka (commonly called Stoli) was a favorite of mine in California. It’s a great vodka for the dollar. It comes straight from Russia, diluted to 40% alcohol by volume with artesian water from 96% grain alcohol. It doesn’t get more authentic than that.

The Shot

The flavor is muted at first but slowly starts to reveal itself as bitter-sweet. The swallow, while smooth, burns slightly and warms on the way down, leaving a bitter taste behind. It’s not a bad flavor, but it certainly isn’t sweet like other vodkas.

The Mixed Drink

The mixer on hand tonight is Red Bull. While drinking, the Stolichnaya complements the bitter undertones in the Red Bull, making the sweet flavors more apparent. Once it’s down, however, the bitter flavors of the Stoli linger momentarily. After knocking back a drink, the aftertaste becomes invisible.


Unfortunately, I didn’t take opinions on Stoli. We were all busy having fun. I can say that Stoli is a a great vodka to take to parties. Not only is it a known brand, it’s a great vodka for the dollar. It’s smooth, tastes good, and mixes well.

Robert Brodrecht

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