SV Supreme Official Review

It’s been awhile since I’ve had SV Supreme. It’s hard to miss the rocket-shaped bottle on the shelf, though. At the request of a reader, I grabbed a bottle.

I ended up on the SV wikipedia page while searching for additional information on the vodka. While this is a Russian vodka, Wikipedia claims that SV was formulated to appeal to an American audience by attempting to remove the bitter notes from the vodka that are characteristic of Russian vodkas.

The Shot

SV Supreme is smooth and clean in the mouth. There’s a slight tingle when I swallow, but not a burn. Leftover is a bitter aftertaste that after taste sticks around. A chaser not required, but is nice. SV Supreme is a good straight vodka.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed SV Supreme with Welch’s White Grape Pomigranite juice. The slight bitters bring out a different flavor in the juice. The aftertaste is sweet and bitter, making for an interesting mixed drink. This is an enjoyable vodka to drink mixed.


Erin mixed SV Supreme with White Grape Pomigranite, as well. She said she couldn’t taste the vodka in the juice, but there was a slight ethanol burn and aftertaste.

Anna, my sister, happened to be in town with her boyfriend Joost. I talked them into trying a shot and a mixed drink. Anna thought her shot of SV Supreme tasted like water, noting that there was no burn, but mentioned the bitter aftertaste. Joost noted it had a comfortable burn, but said it was a good vodka. As for the mixed drink, Anna said that the juice was able to dominate the vodka in flavor, and made for a nice mixer. Joost felt that the vodka gave a good bite to the juice, which he enjoyed.

SV Supreme is a really good shooter and a great mixer if you’re looking to add a different flare to your cocktail. Soyuz-Victan did a wonderful job of making a Russian vodka appealing to an American palate.

Robert Brodrecht

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