Svedka Official Review

Svedka has been on my list for awhile, and several readers have suggested it. While I’m not really fond of the “spokesbot” advertising and the “Best Vodka of 2033” tag line, because I want to drink the best vodka of today, I decided to give it a go in 2009.

The Shot

Svedka is totally flavorless while cold. It sits well in the mouth, not causing any odd effects. On the way down there is a very, very mild bitter flavor in the back of the mouth, and a very, very slight burn. These are barely detectable at all and not worth mentioning except in the realm of a review. You can skip the chaser on this very palatable vodka.

The Mixed Drink

After such a wonderful experience with the straight vodka, I mixed Svedka with Welch’s White Grape Cherry at about fifty-fifty. The vodka is barely detectable, even at such a high mix. The vodka doesn’t interfere with the juice and the aftertaste is no different than I’d expect from the juice alone.


Svedka surprised me. I wasn’t expecting the quality it provides for the price. Svedka is among the few upper echelon vodkas priced for the lower part of the middle shelf. I don’t know what will happen between now and 2033, but I do known that Svedka is a great vodka right now. I highly suggest giving Svedka a try.

Robert Brodrecht

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