Three Olives Official Review

After we tried Rain, we decided to see if there were any other higher-shelf vodkas hiding under lower-shelf prices.

The Shot

The shot is smooth on the pallet. The taste isn’t sweet, but it isn’t bitter. It’s an odd neutral taste, though there is some kind of slightly bitter flavor. The ethanol burn is mild, but undeniable, upon swallowing. The after taste is fairly bitter, though I can live without a chaser.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed Three Olives Vodka with a couple different mixers. The first were two flavors of Amp energy drinks. The bitter flavor of the vodka came through to negatively impact the flavor. The second mixer was orange juice. Three Olives Vodka did really well in the screw drive. The o.j. covered up the bitters and made a tasty drink.


Daniel did a shot with me. He said it reminded him of Smirnoff, and that it burned a lot on the way down.

Three Olives Vodka is a decent vodka for the dollar. It isn’t the best shooter, but it’s an ok mixer.

Robert Brodrecht

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