Trump Grape Official Review

With a review of Trump’s premium vodka entry under our belts, we’ve moved on to their other 80 proof vodka offerings. With grape, citron, orange, and raspberry flavors, Trump vodka is easily making connections with all types of cocktails. We gave the grape flavor a shot.

The Shot

The grape vodka was a blast from the past. When I was a kid, I loved Dimetapp, the grape flavored cold medicine. While it isn’t a one to one comparison, I felt like a kid again drinking Trump Grape. The grape flavor stood out strong enough that the odd flavor of the vodka it accompanies was almost unnoticeable. It’s a very enjoyable vodka.

The Mixed Drink

As with most flavored vodkas, picking the right mixer is key. I tried some of my old favorites and came back disappointed. By no means did I try every possible mixer, but, ultimately, it was Welch’s White Grape Juice that complemented this and all the other Trump flavors best. The flavors mixed incredibly well and accentuated the great grape flavors in the vodka.


I sent all the flavors of Trump with my wife to a “girls night out” party. Tiffany said grape mixed really well with Dr. Pepper. Others enjoyed the flavor. Grape was the first bottle finished, if that says anything.

I thought Trump Grape vodka was the best of their flavored vodka offerings. It’s very palatable on its own, and mixes well if you have the right mixers. If you tend to like grape flavors, this is a great way to go.

Robert Brodrecht

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