Trump Orange Official Review

With a review of Trump’s premium vodka entry under our belts, we’ve moved on to their other 80 proof vodka offerings. With grape, citron, orange, and raspberry flavors, Trump vodka is easily making connections with all types of cocktails. We gave the orange flavor a shot.

The Shot

The smell of the Trump Orange is very vibrant. Unfortunately, the taste doesn’t quite stand out over the odd flavors of the vodka. Like all the other Trump vodkas, the shot is smooth and doesn’t require a mixer. The weird taste is enough to make me not want to drink any more straight.

The Mixed Drink

As with most flavored vodkas, picking the right mixer is key. Welch’s White Grape Juice was the mixer that complemented this best for me with Trump Orange vodka (and all the other Trump flavors, too). The flavors mixed well. The grape juice was a good complement to the orange flavor, bringing out the orange in the vodka more than the vodka itself.

If you’re in the market for orange vodka, I’d highly suggest checking out the Trump Flavored Cocktail Menu to see if any of your favorite drinks have done well with Trump Orange. You will probably find something more congruent with your personal tastes than what I tried.


I sent all the flavors of Trump with my wife to a “girls night out” party. Tiffany didn’t care for Trump Orange, but Erin said most of the ladies were drinking orange.

Trump Orange isn’t the best flavored offering from Trump. If you’re drinking an orange-based cocktail, Trump Orange is something to consider due to its acceptable flavor and ability to complement what it is mixed in.

Robert Brodrecht

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