U’Luvka Official Review

U’Luvka is one of the most visually striking bottles of vodka I’ve ever seen. The curvature of the neck seems designed to hold while pouring, making it beautiful and utilitarian. We all know, though, that the important thing is the liquid inside.

The Shot

The shot is very clean up front, giving away to a sweet, actually almost buttery flavor. I’m really not one to use flowery language about the taste of vodka, but “buttery” is really the only word I can conjure to describe the feel and taste. It’s like cool, melted butter with that familiar ethanol tingle. The swallow is smooth with no burn, and definitely doesn’t need a chaser.

This is a vodka seems to be made for sipping. We tried shooting the vodka in the traditional sense, but it worked poorly in that application. If you’re going to drink this straight, you really need to experience the nuances. Sip and enjoy it or don’t bother.

The Mixed Drink

I mixed U’Luvka at 1:1 with various fruit juices. The clean flavor from the straight vodka blends very well with anything sweet. While I can’t deny that sipping is far more enjoyable, this vodka is a solid mixer. It just seems like a waste to mix it.


If you haven’t heard, it’s college football season. We had people over for the game, and passed around shots of U’Luvka. As you might have guessed from my statements earlier, the shots weren’t universally enjoyed. While more in-the-know friends commented on the lack of need for a chaser, most were unimpressed with U’Luvka. I chalk it up to lack of a taste for vodka combined with the fact that U’Luvka is just plain better to drink slowly. Your mileage may vary, but U’Luvka is a great sipping vodka to me that stands tall with the likes of Crystal Head and Jean Marc XO.

The unfortunate thing about this vodka is the price. With an MSRP of $50, the vodka is slotted to take on the Crystal Heads and Jean Marc XOs of the vodka industry. The sad fact is that, with a price so high, only the very well off will find this vodka in their freezer on more than special occasions.

Robert Brodrecht

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